Pet Pet provides underprivileged moms and babies with insurance protection

Pet Pet provides underprivileged moms and babies with insurance protection

WHILE having a child is priceless, raising a child can be a costly affair for an average Malaysian family.One basic aspect that is often neglected and seen as least important is insurance coverage protection for parents and their newborns.However, for a single, abandoned, abused or an underprivileged mums, ensuring their babies have the basic necessities to grow trumps everything and anything else that comes along.

For needy moms: Kuan (right) presenting the Pet Pet Easy Start Insurance Pack and Pet Pet diapers to Faridah.

With the heavy burdens resting on these mums’ shoulders and the increasing risk and living costs these days, Pet Pet has partnered with Wirda (Association of Women’s Initiative for Research, Development and Advancement of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur) to help underprivileged moms with newborns (0-3 months old) nationwide through the Pet Pet Easy Start Programme which offers free insurance protection.

The partnership is an extension of the programme which aims to provide underprivileged mothers and their little ones with protection from unexpected risks, giving them peace of mind for a truly easy start to their motherhood journey.

“At Pet Pet, we understand the challenge that mothers with newborns face through the early stages of their motherhood journey. Hence, we decided to extend the programme to moms who need it the most and do not have the financial capability to protect themselves and their newborns with the insurance coverage they need.

“We are pleased to partner with Wirda to reach out to underprivileged mothers nationwide through this programme,” said Disposable Soft Goods (M) Sdn Bhd (DSG) marketing head Kuan Mun Jen.

“Through this partnership, we are able to give them free one-year insurance coverage worth RM12,000 and a supply of Pet Pet diapers to help them begin their motherhood journey with their little bundle of joy,” said Wirda vice- president Faridah Abd Karim.

“The mothers who come to us need all the support they can get. We are glad that good corporate citizens such as DSG come forward and aid these needy mums to help them through this challenging time for themselves and their babies.

I do hope the awareness generated by this programme will also pave the way for more public and corporate support,” added Faridah.

The Pet Pet Easy Start programme is available at most hospitals nationwide.

To sign up, mothers simply have to follow the simple steps found on the Pet Pet Easy Start pack which can be found in the free New Mom Bag given to every mother with her newborn upon discharge.

Upon every successful application, every mother and her newborn will get a complimentary one-year insurance coverage of up to RM12,000.

For mothers who did not receive the New Mom Bag at their respective hospitals can find out more about the Pet Pet Easy Start insurance coverage protection initiative and register through Pet Pet’s Facebook page,


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